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  • 24-Hour Safety Hotline: 592-608-4222
Role and Functions

Air Navigation Service

The Directorate of Air Navigation Services is the largest of the four GCAA directorates and its role is entirely operational. The ANS Directorate operates as 3 Divisions, each of which is under a Division manager.

Air Traffic Control Operations Division – responsible for ATC services for Aerodrome Control, Approach Control, and Area Control at CJIA. Responsible for all air/ground advisory services within the FIR, operation of the AFTN communication links to neighbouring ACC's, handling and transmission of flight plans and NOTAM's re-transmission of Georgetown weather bulletins, and the maintenance of the Guyana Aeronautical information Publication.

Air Navigation Aids and Telecommunications Division – responsible for the electrical and electronics maintenance of all radios frequency aids to air navigation, maintenance of the fixed aeronautical telecommunication links, as well as HF and VHF radio communications equipment used by the ATC Operations and AIS Divisions for air/ground communications.

Air Navigation Services Training Division – responsible for all training activity for AND directorate personnel in ATC, AIS and Air Navigation and Telecommunications. Because of its specialised nature, training for these functions is managed and operated by the Directorate, and co-ordinated financially by the GCAA Administration.

Aeronautical Information Service


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18 Years of Achievement

We're celebrating 18 years as an independent aviation regulatory authority in Guyana.