• Phone: 592-227-8111
  • 24-Hour Safety Hotline: 592-608-4222
Role and Functions

Air Transport Management Directorate

The Directorate of Air Transport Management is responsible for the economic regulation of commercial air services in Guyana.

Our Objective

The objective of the ATM Directorate is to further the interests of the user of commercial air services by ensuring that they receive the widest choice of services at the lowest price consistent with an economic return to airlines and airports and the efficient utilization of resources.

Our Strategy

In order to meet our established objective, our strategy is to secure for the air transport users traveling both domestic and international:

  • A choice of service in terms of both quality and frequency,
  • The lowest prices consistent with efficiency and profitable, and
  • Airline operation taking into account market forces.
Our Functions
  • Economic regulation of commercial air services and licensing of commercial air carriers to operate within and into Guyana.
  • Negotiation of air services agreements with other countries.
  • Collection and analysis of aviation operating statistics.
Our Legislative Authority

The legislations governing the operation of this department are:

  • Civil Aviation Act 2000
  • Civil Aviation Regulations 2000

18 Years of Achievement

We're celebrating 18 years as an independent aviation regulatory authority in Guyana.