• Phone: 592-227-8111
  • 24-Hour Safety Hotline: 592-608-4222
Role and Functions

Quality and Compliance Monitoring

Quality and Compliance Monitoring:

  • Effectively plan and direct the work of the Department in accordance with relevant and established professional standards for evaluation, internal audit and oversight;
  • Build trust and confidence in the work of the Department;
  • Provide independent advice to the Director General and Board of Directors on internal control, compliance and quality assurance;
  • Advise on policies and innovative approaches and strategies to further strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization;
  • Establish a quality assurance and improvement programme that covers all aspects of the Department's activities and continuously monitor its effectiveness;
  • Provide independent internal audit reports to the Director General and Board of Directors with recommendations to improve internal controls and organizational efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Manages the Department and its resources;
  • Manage, motivate and coach staff to ensure that they give their best performance;
  • Develop and maintain tools, such as dashboards, charts, etc., enabling the Director General and other appropriate parties to receive relevant and timely information about the Department’s activities;
  • Ensures the GCAA complies with its regulatory requirements;
  • Ensures internal systems and services are monitored and reviewed for continuous improvement;
  • Quality Assurance: Ensures compliance with internal processes and procedures; Audits technical manuals and recommends amendments thereto; Ensures technical manual are kept up-to-date and relevant; Periodically audits the Technical Registry and Library; Periodically audits the Training Records of technical staff; and
  • Reviews the competencies to ensure staff are qualified to function in their role;
  • Reviews documentation to ensure procedures are relevant and efficient;
  • Identifies gaps in internal compliance with regulatory functions and recommend solutions;
  • Recommends amendment to regulations, when necessary to effect ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices and amendments thereto;
  • Proposes policies and procedures to address risks to the GCAA;
  • Promotes safety culture;
  • ICAO Compliance: Coordinates with designated inspectors to respond to Protocol Questions (PQs) for the Audit Programmes; Review and provide support where needed to close unsatisfactory protocol questions and corrective action plans.

22 Years of Achievement

We're celebrating 22 years as an independent aviation regulatory authority in Guyana.