• Phone: 592-227-8111
  • 24-Hour Safety Hotline: 592-608-4222
Role and Functions

Aviation Security

The Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority has taken on the function of National Civil Aviation Security Authority, which involves establishing a unit/division/organization, developing plans, implementing procedures and enforcing the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (and other associated policies) to achieve the aim and objectives of aviation security in Guyana.

These objectives and functions are achieved through an Aviation Security Unit/Division within the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority. Simply, put, the Civil Aviation Security Unit (CASU) is established to enforce aviation security requirements; or to ensure that all aviation stakeholders operating in Guyana comply with the required aviation security measures and practices contained in the Guyana's NCASP and other associated policy documents. Ensuring compliance is generally achieved through quality control measures in keeping with ICAO guidelines.

CASU is also responsible for reviewing and approving existing and new aviation security programmes for aircraft operators, airports, cargo companies or regulated agents, air navigation services, catering companies, AVSEC training organizations, AVSEC instructors and other aviation security stakeholders. Appropriate fees and charges are applied for the review and approval process.


If you are aware of any threats to Civil Aviation operation in Guyana or the region which may involve or include airport operation, aircraft or airline operation, cargo and mail or catering operation, etc. Please contact urgently the Civil Aviation Security Department of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority on (592)-225-0728 or send urgent emails/correspondences to avsecintel@gcaa-gy.org

All information received will be treated with confidentiality.

18 Years of Achievement

We're celebrating 18 years as an independent aviation regulatory authority in Guyana.