• Phone: 592-227-8111
  • 24-Hour Safety Hotline: 592-608-4222
Role and Functions

Finance and Administration

The Directorate of Finance and Administration is responsible for all financial affairs, human resources development and administrative matters of the GCAA. Led by a Director of Finance and Administration, the directorate has three broad functions as illustrated below:

Finance and Accounting
Responsible for GCAA budget development and monitoring, payroll management, payables and receivables, for collection of debts owed to the GCAA and liaison with the Ministry.

Human Resources Development
Responsible for management of the human resources of the GCAA, including recruitment, review and analysis of salaries and benefits, and co-ordination of all training programmes within the GCAA.

Administration + Legal Affairs
Responsible for all administrative functions of the GCAA, property management, legal affairs and contracting, public relations and intergovernmental affairs, quality assurance programmes, and for management and maintenance of the information technology resources of the GCAA (except for ANS specialized computer systems).

18 Years of Achievement

We're celebrating 18 years as an independent aviation regulatory authority in Guyana.